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HB Tansu #3-Progress 19

Genius, lunacy or somewhere in the middle?  Committed, yes.  Needs committed??? Part 18 Greg Merritt Part 20   Advertisements

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 18

Over the past week and this weekend I was able to acquire the needed material and complete the construction of the remaining three drawers.  I was also able to cut, fit and install all of the drawer bottoms.  There is … Continue reading

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Article Series on Japanese Joinery

If you have an interest in Japanese joinery or joinery in general, then I would like to point you to an article series by John Bullar.  Mr. Bullar is writing this article series about Japanese joinery for: Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine. Mr. Bullar … Continue reading

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Sometimes its Just a Box

My next project will be a “Japanese” toolbox.  I know, I know Chris Schwarz is building one too.  I feel like a Johnny-come-lately or a bandwagon jumper with this, but I assure you that I am not.  I have been … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 17

My high hopes from yesterday for building the remaining three drawers, were quickly dashed this morning.  I could have sworn that I had enough 1/2″ stock remaining for the last of the drawers.  Alas, I was mistaken and a different … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 16

…and then there were three. Almost every evening this week I was able to spend at least an hour or so in the shop.  The sum total of that effort netted me two additional completed drawers.  Not as much as … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 15

My time in the shop was short today.  The onset of warm weather signals the start of grass mowing season.  It takes, on average, 3hrs to mow down the grass on my property.  Luckily I can now split that time … Continue reading

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