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Nightstand Design-Part 4

Well, now I have a completed design for the nightstand.  I’ve been calling it a nightstand because that is my intended use for it.  Obviously its just a little table with a drawer and could be pressed into service for … Continue reading

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Nightstand Design-Part 3

In my last post I finished up with a front elevation for the nightstand and a promised to explain how I arrived at the final decorative details.  Before I go into that, I think I should move forward and show … Continue reading

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Nightstand Design-Part 2

I ended my last post with a final sketch that was ready for refining into a workable design.  Before I go into the next stage I want to talk a little bit about proportions. I design all of my projects … Continue reading

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Nightstand Design-Part 1

In a recent post, OK rant, I addressed a complaint that Mr. Sellers does not go into enough detail as to the design of projects. Like I said in that previous post, design is not part of his promised package. … Continue reading

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I still don’t have a shop space up and running yet.  Unpacking from the move seems to be some sort of perverse Aesop’s fable.  No matter how many boxes I empty, the pile seems to grow by two-fold.  I’ll be … Continue reading

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Expectations and the Literal Thinker

In the past few days there has been a, lets call it lively, discussion over on Paul Sellers’ Woodworking Masterclasses forum.  Generally speaking, the entire thing centered on two complaints voiced by a single member. The first complaint was that the when … Continue reading

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