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Extrapolate…extend the application of (a method or conclusion, especially one based on statistics) to an unknown situation by assuming that existing trends will continue or similar methods will be applicable. Edit 01/25/16 My reference to “plans” in the following is … Continue reading

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Two Distinct Paths

Following up on my post “Perpetual Beginner Mentality“, I encouraged the amateurs/hobbyist woodworker to be bold in their woodworking.  This post is also written for the amateur/hobbyist.

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Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 6-Complete

Winter showed up over the last couple of days and the temperatures plummeted into the teens.  Even so, I couldn’t resist getting out into the shop and assembling my screen. Assembly was quite easy and quick.  I first installed the … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 5

I didn’t manage as much shop time this weekend as I had hoped.  The original plan was to have this project completed by Sunday evening.  Alas, I came up a little short, but I’m close.

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Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 4

At some point since my “Part 3” post I managed to sneak enough shop time in to shape the feet for this screen.  My original plan was to create a cloud type detail on the feet, as indicated on my … Continue reading

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Perpetual Beginner Mentality

The following is written for those of you, like myself, who are amateur/hobbyist woodworkers.  We just want to build things with wood and enjoy the process as well as the result. In days gone by, when the apprenticeship system was … Continue reading

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