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Kanna Blade Identification-Can you Help?

I’m asking for your help.  I was recently asked about the blade in one of my kanna.  That question made me realize that I know nothing about the Japanese plane blades that I own.  I’m hoping that some of you … Continue reading

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Chisel Setup

My Japanese chisels are middle of the road, decent user-grade chisels.  As such, they are factory produced and marketed for the western buyer.  They are a laminated construction and the steel is good, but the fit and finish is a … Continue reading

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The best way I know to learn a new skill is through repetition, lots of repetition.  My ultimate goal is to transition over to using the Japanese plane (kanna) exclusively in my woodworking.  However there are several challenges that must … Continue reading

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The Saga of the Kanna Continues

OK…you are probably getting sick of the kanna posts.  Sorry, but you will have to bare with me a little while longer. Emboldened by my mediocre success with my first dai making experiment, I decided to tackle making a dai … Continue reading

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Kanna in Action

In my last post on my about my dai making experiment I talked about how the shavings leaped from the plane.  I tried to explain that to a non-woodworker at my day job and they just couldn’t picture it.  So … Continue reading

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Chisel Tray-Part 4-Complete

Two and a half days of 90+deg in the shop is close enough to three days cure time for me.  The instructions on the can say to rub the entire surface with chalk before actually using the chalkboard.  So I … Continue reading

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Chisel Tray-Part 3

Still plugging away.  Next up on the chisel tray was adding the sliding lid.  This is a simple, but effective design for putting a lid on a box.  There’s no hardware involved either.  Just a few bits of wood and … Continue reading

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