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Spring Pole Lathe-Part 3

My day in the shop didn’t go as I has planned.  It’s not that anything went wrong, but I had gotten the order of operations a little out of order.  Originally I was going to cleanup the uprights and chop … Continue reading

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Spring Pole Lathe-Part 2

Confession time…if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I started this lathe project a week ago.  I’m little behind on my blogging, but I’ve been running a little time management experiment this week.

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Spring Pole Lathe-Part 1

I have always been fascinated by the lathe.  There is something mesmerizing about watching the shapes appear from the spinning wood.  As much as I like the lathe, I never planned on adding one to my shop.  There’s a whole … Continue reading

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Saddling My Horse

Through a strange sequence of events and serious risk to my health and wellbeing, I was able to work at my shaving horse for several hours yesterday.  Sounds great and it was, but the back-of-my-front is pretty dang sore today. … Continue reading

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Tapered Octagonal Legs with the OCTA-LEG-PRO

I really like the staked furniture method.  I like the design process and the making.  Consequently, I have several staked projects on the “to-do” list.  Since I don’t own or plan to add a lathe to my shop, the tapered, … Continue reading

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The Octagonizer Gauge

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Hot Hide Glue-New Setup

A few months ago I purchased the Lee Valley small hot hide glue pot.  I really like it.  Yes its small, holds about an ounce of glue, but that is more than enough for most projects.  The thing is extremely … Continue reading

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