The Crown Knot

crown_knot_500x220The crown knot, in and of itself it has very little use.  So why did I go to all of the trouble of creating an instructional drawing and writing this post?  The crown knot, along with  the soon to be introduced wall knot, is the basis for a number of practical and decorative knots.  I have shown the knot tied with three strands but it can be tied in any multiple number of strands.  I find that three strands are ideal for learning this knot.

While not very exciting, the crown knot is an important step towards being able to tie a multitude of more complex knots.  So take some time and learn this knot.

Greg Merritt

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4 Responses to The Crown Knot

  1. Randy Allen says:

    I’m a bit flummoxed by this knot. The only way I could set it up was to cut some 550 cord and use 3 core strands to try it. I had trouble keeping it tied afterward without putting tension the free ends (and had trouble working in minature too 🙂 ). What situation can this be used in?

    • gman3555 says:

      Sounds like you are doing just fine. The crown knot will not stay tight on its own. The important thing is to understand and memorize the configuration. I need to introduce the wall knot next and then I will combine the two to show you a nob knot that can be used as a drawer pull. The crown and wall knots are used in literally hundreds of knots. Hopefully by this weekend I can have the first decorative knot posted. Be patient and I’ll bring it all together as soon as I can.


  2. John Shipman says:

    this looks like the beginning of a back splice. That’s a way to stop the end of a rope from unraveling without whipping or melting. Clearly, there is a decorative aspect to it.

    • gman3555 says:

      You are correct John, the crown is indeed the beginning of a back splice as well as being used in numerous decorative knots.
      Thanks for commenting.


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