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Blind Dovetail Thru Mortise and Tenon

Blind Dovetail Thru Mortise and Tenon This joint shows up fairly regularly in books that document joinery and it seems to be predominately utilized in timber framing applications.  

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Cross Lap with Mitered Corners-Part 2

Thanks to a couple of commenters, Stan and Johan, I can now add a little background information and a written reference to my record for this joint.  The overwhelming evidence is that this joint has been historically employed primarily in … Continue reading

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Cross Lap with Mitered Corners-Part 1

Well, I might as well start this journey. Cross Lap with Mitered Corners   I have, as yet, been unable to find any written reference to this joint.  I have seen an example of it from two sources.  

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Joinery Journey

I love joinery. There is something magical about fitting two or more pieces of wood together. Before the advent of mechanical fasteners, joinery reigned supreme.  At that pre-industrial time is was the cheapest, fastest and strongest way of building with … Continue reading

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Marking in the Waste

I’ve been working with wood for a lot of years.  Most of those years consisted of fits and starts with no real skill building taking place.  There were several reasons, but past is past.  This all changed a few years … Continue reading

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Meat Powered Bamboo Peg Cutting Machine

The Hillbilly Daiku proudly presents: The Meat Powered Bamboo Peg Cutting Machine  While researching tansu I noted that the drawers where typically pegged together.  I little further research turned up a couple of videos, here and here, that showed these … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Marking Gauge

While working through the design elements of the Hillbilly Tansu I paid particular attention to how the joinery was laid out.  The last thing I wanted to do was create something that would require multiple gauges and several different tool … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Side Bearer

So I’ve shown the front and rear bearers now I ‘ll show how I plan to connect the two.  The joinery is really very simple.  A full length groove and two stub tenons.  These pieces will complete the enclosure of … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Rear Bearer

Directly opposite of the front bearer in the Hillbilly Tansu is, you guessed it, the rear bearer.  This element of the assembly will tie the two rear posts together and provide attachment points for the side bearers and the dust … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Sliding Door Grooves

While researching antique tansu I found several examples that incorporated sliding doors. There is something about sliding doors that gives an item that Japanese feel.  Plus I like them.  Sliding doors just seem to make more sense to me than hinged … Continue reading

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