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Blind Dovetail Thru Mortise and Tenon

Blind Dovetail Thru Mortise and Tenon blind_dovetail_thru_mortise_tenon This joint shows up fairly regularly in books that document joinery and it seems to be predominately utilized in timber framing applications.   Advertisements

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Cross Lap with Mitered Corners-Part 2

Thanks to a couple of commenters, Stan and Johan, I can now add a little background information and a written reference to my record for this joint.  The overwhelming evidence is that this joint has been historically employed primarily in … Continue reading

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Cross Lap with Mitered Corners-Part 1

Well, I might as well start this journey. Cross Lap with Mitered Corners cross_lap_mitered_corners-pdf I have, as yet, been unable to find any written reference to this joint.  I have seen an example of it from two sources.  

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Joinery Journey

I love joinery. There is something magical about fitting two or more pieces of wood together. Before the advent of mechanical fasteners, joinery reigned supreme.  At that pre-industrial time is was the cheapest, fastest and strongest way of building with … Continue reading

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Marking in the Waste

I’ve been working with wood for a lot of years.  Most of those years consisted of fits and starts with no real skill building taking place.  There were several reasons, but past is past.  This all changed a few years … Continue reading

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Meat Powered Bamboo Peg Cutting Machine

The Hillbilly Daiku proudly presents: The Meat Powered Bamboo Peg Cutting Machine  While researching tansu I noted that the drawers where typically pegged together.  I little further research turned up a couple of videos, here and here, that showed these … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Marking Gauge

While working through the design elements of the Hillbilly Tansu I paid particular attention to how the joinery was laid out.  The last thing I wanted to do was create something that would require multiple gauges and several different tool … Continue reading

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