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Charpoy-Part 1

Suppose I told you that there is a form of furniture that, according to some scholars, has been in continuous use for 5,000 years.  Suppose I also told that an estimated 1.5 billion people currently use said furniture form. OK, … Continue reading

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Welsh Staked Stools-Part 2

With the legs at the ready, I moved on to tackle the seats.  The seats are from a construction grade SYP 2×12.  When working with construction lumber, you have to really plan ahead and possibly get a little creative in … Continue reading

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Spring Pole Lathe-Part 4

My goal was to have a functioning lathe by the end of this weekend.  As progress was made over the past week I became confident that my goal would be met.  Alas, the weekend has come to a close and … Continue reading

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Spring Pole Lathe-Part 2

Confession time…if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I started this lathe project a week ago.  I’m little behind on my blogging, but I’ve been running a little time management experiment this week.

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Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 3

My earliest memory of my grandparents on my father’s side is Sunday afternoon visits.  Grandma always seemed to have cookies, cake or pie at the ready and plenty of sweet tea.  My grandpa Merritt was a firm believer that children … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 2

I made a start on the tsuitate screen today.  Starting with a couple of fir 2×4’s I was able to cull all of the parts that I needed and managed to avoid almost all of the knots.  If your going … Continue reading

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Blind Dovetail Thru Mortise and Tenon

Blind Dovetail Thru Mortise and Tenon This joint shows up fairly regularly in books that document joinery and it seems to be predominately utilized in timber framing applications.  

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Piddlin’ Around

I’m not ready to start a new project just yet.  So the remainder of my holiday weekend shop time was spent making a few accessories for the new bench and trying out a couple of new joints. In Mike Siemsen’s YouTube … Continue reading

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