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Gaucho Handle Braid

My chair building pace took a toll, I’m just not what I used to be. Once upon a time I could go hard at it with no ill consequences…well, at least no physical consequences, but that is another story. The … Continue reading

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Stitch in Time Box-Progress 3

After an additional couple of hours I finished all of the lacing on the box.  Now I had to tackle the lid.  Even with all of my internet searching I wasn’t able to find any details on how these types … Continue reading

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Stitch in Time Box-Progress 2

I last left you with Norwegian Tine.  The tine (teen-ah) is a traditional folk box made by steam bending a thin strip of wood into a circular or, most popular, oval form.  Much like the Shaker oval boxes that most … Continue reading

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Ditty Bag with a Wooden Bottom-Progress 2

Part two of this little project starts with the installation of the rope grommet at the top  of the bag.  This operation would be difficult if not impossible without the seaming palm.  To sew the grommet in place requires the … Continue reading

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Something a Little Different

Coming soon…something a little different.  Stay tuned… Greg Merritt  

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Knots, Drawings and Journaling

The weather has dropped below freezing and decided to stay there all week.  So no shop time after work this week.  It just takes too long to heat the shop to a reasonable temperature in order to get any work … Continue reading

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Solutions Present when You Least Expect

I just completed the first Hillbilly Tansu and I’ve been evaluating all aspects of the project.  In truth I’m picking my work apart.  Those of us who create or build things tend to be most critical of our own work. … Continue reading

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