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Chisel Tray-Part 4-Complete

Two and a half days of 90+deg in the shop is close enough to three days cure time for me.  The instructions on the can say to rub the entire surface with chalk before actually using the chalkboard.  So I … Continue reading

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Seizing Inspiration when it Presents

I make things.   Not to earn a living.  Not because I have to.  I make things because I want to and to satisfy a deep-seated desire to create.  I tend to make things that have a practical use, it … Continue reading

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Staked Side Table-Part 9-Complete

Since Saturday I have applied three coats of the tinted BLO and one coat of Tried & True original.  For those not familiar with Tried & True, it is a mixture of polymerized linseed oil and beeswax.  It is non-toxic, … Continue reading

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Staked Side Table-Part 8

Whew!  Lots of progress happened this week.  So much so that the first coat of oil is on.  Oh, you want a little more detail than that?  OK, I’ll back up a bit. The week started off with fabrication of … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 18

Over the past week and this weekend I was able to acquire the needed material and complete the construction of the remaining three drawers.  I was also able to cut, fit and install all of the drawer bottoms.  There is … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Mini Tansu-Progress 4

Wow…I like working in the house.  It’s warm, the bathroom is right down the hall, the kitchen is close and it’s WARM.  I may have to move the workbench into the living room for the rest of the winter.  I’m … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Inlay Pattern Development-Pattern Sheet No.2

This is the second sheet of patterns in this series.  All of these patterns are based upon a 30-60-90deg triangle.  These are straight forward patterns and require very little by way of measuring. The first three patterns are variations on … Continue reading

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