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Table Trestles-Part 1

The List. If you are a woodworker with a significant other, than you are well aware of the list.  It is that list of things that our significant other wants us to build.  Sometimes we make excuses why we don’t … Continue reading

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Equilateral Footstool-Part 1

As they say…”no good deed…” Management decided that, since my Asymmetrical Footstool turned out “OK“, I needed to build another to be gifted as a Christmas present.  You all know Christmas…that holiday that is only seven days away!!  I explained … Continue reading

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Asymmetric Footstool-Part 1

I decided that I need a footstool.  Not that I have a lot of time for putting my feet up, but I at least want the option.  With that decision made, I moved on to design. The lowly footstool has … Continue reading

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Tables and Seating in Hillbilly Proportions

I’m a big fan of designing my projects based upon proportions.  Not that I have an issue with a dimensional approach, I just find proportions give me a framework within to work.  Up to this point my designs have begun with … Continue reading

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Bookcase-Progress 4-Structural Notes

At first glance this wide bookcase is pushing, maybe exceeding, the strength limits of most woods, especially pine.  However, I assure you that it is not and I thought that I would address the structural choices/solutions that I have employed … Continue reading

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Bookcase-Progress 1-Design

As we continue the never-ending unpacking of boxes and putting away of stuff, it has become apparent that the Hillbilly household is in immediate need of a bookcase.  This of course means that the nightstands have been bumped from the … Continue reading

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Nightstand Design-Part 4

Well, now I have a completed design for the nightstand.  I’ve been calling it a nightstand because that is my intended use for it.  Obviously its just a little table with a drawer and could be pressed into service for … Continue reading

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Nightstand Design-Part 3

In my last post I finished up with a front elevation for the nightstand and a promised to explain how I arrived at the final decorative details.  Before I go into that, I think I should move forward and show … Continue reading

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Nightstand Design-Part 2

I ended my last post with a final sketch that was ready for refining into a workable design.  Before I go into the next stage I want to talk a little bit about proportions. I design all of my projects … Continue reading

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Nightstand Design-Part 1

In a recent post, OK rant, I addressed a complaint that Mr. Sellers does not go into enough detail as to the design of projects. Like I said in that previous post, design is not part of his promised package. … Continue reading

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