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The Magic Attic-Mahogany 

If you have been following along for very long then you have heard me make mention of my magic attic.  When we moved into this house, just over two years ago, I discovered that the previous owner had left behind … Continue reading

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Pole Lathe Notes-3

Well the leather sewing machine belt drive cord gave up the ghost.  A little disappointing that it only lasted about three weeks of moderate use.  Rather than waste my remaining leather cord, I made a trip to the Big Box … Continue reading

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Pole Lathe Notes-2

The pole lathe takes a little getting used too.  Even more so since I’m trying to learn to use it and learn to turn simultaneously.  It took me a couple of hours to develop a rhythm and feel for the … Continue reading

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Pole Lathe Notes-1

This will be a first in a series of ongoing post as I learn to use the spring pole lathe.  These posts will be mostly for my own journaling purposes, but it may prove useful to others as well. When … Continue reading

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Finally Found a Lumber Yard

My day job is M-F, 8-5.  I’m thankful that I have such a job.  I’m home every evening and off every weekend.  However, it does make having access to certain things a little difficult.  Dr.’s appointments for instance require planning … Continue reading

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Longboard?-Part 2-Complete

I’m a little late getting this post put together.  My nephew and I completed his longboard on Thanksgiving day.  We, for the second year, hosted the big dinner at our house.

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Longboard?-Part 1

My nephew was in from college a couple of weeks ago and told me that he had a project for us to work on over the long Thanksgiving break. me..”Sure, no problem.  What do you want to make?” him…”A new … Continue reading

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The best way I know to learn a new skill is through repetition, lots of repetition.  My ultimate goal is to transition over to using the Japanese plane (kanna) exclusively in my woodworking.  However there are several challenges that must … Continue reading

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When I started this blog I made a conscious decision to talk about tools as little as possible.  There are enough people, far more knowledgable than I, who are talking about tools.  I’ve always wanted the focus to be on … Continue reading

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I’ll probably get myself in trouble with this one.  I’ve not formally studied design nor Japanese philosophy, but here goes anyway. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese design element/philosophy that essentially finds beauty in the imperfections of an object.  Those imperfections can … Continue reading

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