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Japanese Bookbinding-Part 3-Work Board-Complete

At the end of my last post I had readied the field portion of the work board, replete with the required tongues for the breadboard ends. Knowing that work on this project would be stretched over a week or so … Continue reading

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Japanese Bookbinding-Part 2-Work Board

Japanese bookbinding requires a very minimal tool set, but, as I stated in my last post, there are a few specialty items that make the process a little easier.  My focus is now is on the work surface. Any solid … Continue reading

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Japanese Bookbinding-Part 1-Nailhead Gauge

There are several forms of traditional Japanese bookbinding. Most of which originated in China. Including the style that I am focusing on, four-hole binding, also referred to as stab binding or pouch bound. The method involves punching (stabbing) holes along … Continue reading

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Binding the Past for the Future

Over the past several years I have accumulated quite a few design drawings. Some of the early ones are pretty rough and over the years I have been playing with the style that I use. Dabbling with color and trying … Continue reading

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