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Chairs-The Journey Continues

I wish that I could write about some ground breaking technique involving the making of chairs. Some new way of making this bit or that. Or maybe a new method of work holding that would be a game changer for … Continue reading

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How I Apply an Oil/Wax Finish

It is no secret that I prefer a hand-rubbed oil finish.  It is my go-to finish of choice.  I don’t think that I am alone in this fondness.  Judging by the blog posts and articles that I read, several others … Continue reading

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Table Trestles-Part 8

Just a quick update on my progress over the past week.  With any luck, the next post will be the last in this series and these two tables will move into the complete column.  So, over the past week…

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Table Trestles-Part 7

As per my usual, every day after work this week I tried to get in half an hour to an hour of work on the tables.  After a nine or ten-hour day at work you would think I would just … Continue reading

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Honey Do-Kitchen Island-Part 2-Complete

I spent the week just as I predicted in my last post.  Several evenings this week were spent filling nail holes, sanding and applying three coats of Minwax Polyshades.  I have to admit that this Polyshades goop is a decent … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Install Followup

In my last post I told you about my dishwasher install project.  The process involved shifting the entire face frame, and associated drawers and doors, 6″ to close up a gap at the side of the dishwasher.  This of course … Continue reading

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Practice with the Uzukuri-Part 3

The completion of my Japanese style toolbox gave me the opportunity to see how the uzukuri technique would respond to a linseed oil finish.  All of the exterior surfaces, except the bottom, of the toolbox received the uzukuri treatment.  The … Continue reading

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Practice with the Uzukuri-Part 2

In Part 1 of this this series David asked a question: “Knowing what you know now does the purchase of the three Uzukuri look like a good investment or do you think you could have made home made ones?” When … Continue reading

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Practice with the Uzukuri-Part 1

I’m taking the opportunity to practice using the uzukuri while building my Japanese style toolbox.  Well “practice” may be a little misleading.  I don’t really have a clue how these tools are supposed to be used beyond “rub them on … Continue reading

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At the Altars of Flat, Smooth and Texture

I’ve been working wood off and on for well over two decades now.  Since day one I’ve worshiped at the altars of flat and smooth.  Everything I read and saw told me that finished surfaces should be just that, flat … Continue reading

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