Equilateral Footstool-Part 1

As they say…”no good deed…”

Management decided that, since my Asymmetrical Footstool turned out “OK“, I needed to build another to be gifted as a Christmas present.  You all know Christmas…that holiday that is only seven days away!!  I explained all of the issues surrounding material and time.  I made a compelling argument against the probability of getting a footstool completed.  She listened, nodded in understanding of my points and told me…

“you had best get started then.”

I used up the last of my oak leg stock on the last footstool.  So leg material was the first problem to solve.  I scrounged around in the shop and turned up a chunk of oak that I had salvaged from a pallet many moons ago.  It’s just big enough to generate four legs.  Problem solved.

One of the goals of the last footstool was to create a double layer top design that could be made with a single sheet of 3/4″x24″x48″ piece of plywood.  Just to keep things interesting, I decided to see what I could do with a 24″x24″ piece of ply.  So I set out early this morning for the big box home center and picked up a piece of ply.

This will be a design on the fly kinda project.  After working thru a couple of ideas, I hit upon using an equilateral triangle.

Revised 12/21/2016-added design drawing.


With the design worked out, I headed out to the shop to roughly cut the two pieces and get them glued together.



Next I needed to divide up the chunk of oak into leg stock.



After testing my layout method once again and a round on the shaving horse and a little wood burning, the legs were done.


Tomorrow I’ll shape the top and install the legs.  I may actually be able to pull this thing off for Christmas.

Greg Merritt Part 2

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8 Responses to Equilateral Footstool-Part 1

  1. orepass says:

    Three legged stools are a great idea. I can’t think of the number of times I’ve scrounged up enough wood for three of four legs and ended up purchasing a larger piece that I can get four from. Good luck.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      My off-cut pile is huge, but pickn’s are slim. I did mange to squeeze four legs out of that block though. I figured a three leg stool would give me a spare. If I went with a four leg design I would for sure make an error and end up short. 😉

  2. jefski says:

    Nice legs. You have a good eye for what’s hiding in those rough pieces.

  3. bpholcombe says:

    Some orders you just can’t refuse! Hah, I’m sure you’ll have it finished on time.

  4. Coisas EM'adeira says:

    Management rules…. oh boy how I understand you :O 😛

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