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Bookcase-Progress 7

Time in the shop over the past week has been hit or miss.  Every little bit adds up though.  The lower aprons are now installed.  Which means that the case assembly is now complete. It was at this point that … Continue reading

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HB Hobby Tansu #1-Part 12

It took a week longer than planned, but…all of the drawers are finally built and fitted.  Heck I’ve even started adding the decorative details to them.  First and foremost is the bead detail.  I can easily create a nice sharp … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 18

Over the past week and this weekend I was able to acquire the needed material and complete the construction of the remaining three drawers.  I was also able to cut, fit and install all of the drawer bottoms.  There is … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 12

I was able to slip down t the shop for about an hour after work the past couple of evenings and size, cut and fit the drawer fronts the current HB Tansu.  One the aesthetic elements that originally drew me … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #2-Progress 9

Now that the carcass is assembled, it’s time for drawers.  My shop is small and I have found that is much easier to build one drawer at a time in my confined space.  Not exactly conducive to production, but thats … Continue reading

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