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Staked Side Table-Part 4

A little over a week ago there was frost on the ground in the morning, yesterday it was 90° with 50% humidity.  That is a pretty drastic swing and made for a tough time in the shop, but I have to … Continue reading

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Honey Do-Kitchen Island-Part 1

My wife has wanted a kitchen island for a lot of years.  A lot of years.  Its been my ongoing shame that I have yet been able to provide her with one.  The kitchen in our old house was just … Continue reading

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Bookcase-Progress 8

I made it out into the shop this afternoon and began working on the drawer components.  I needed six sides and three backs. I began with the sides and managed to dig enough out of the off-cut bin to satisfy … Continue reading

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HB Hobby Tansu #1-Part 11

Well…some progress is better than no progress. The weather here continues to be brutal.  Hot and very humid.  I’m starting to adjust to it though and have been able to work in the shop after work a couple of evenings … Continue reading

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HB Hobby Tansu #1-Part 10

Most of use who work wood as a hobby struggle to find time in the shop.  Day jobs and family come first of course.  The remaining time is typically restricted by the noise generated and the weather.  Some are working … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 17

My high hopes from yesterday for building the remaining three drawers, were quickly dashed this morning.  I could have sworn that I had enough 1/2″ stock remaining for the last of the drawers.  Alas, I was mistaken and a different … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 16

…and then there were three. Almost every evening this week I was able to spend at least an hour or so in the shop.  The sum total of that effort netted me two additional completed drawers.  Not as much as … Continue reading

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