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HB Tansu #3-Progress 15

My time in the shop was short today.  The onset of warm weather signals the start of grass mowing season.  It takes, on average, 3hrs to mow down the grass on my property.  Luckily I can now split that time … Continue reading

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Geometric Construction-Octagon from a Square

If you work wood sooner or later you will need to create an Octagon from a Square.  Maybe you are preparing a table leg, creating a table top or maybe a lamp base.  You may want to layout a picture or … Continue reading

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The Compass

One more tool needs to be discussed before I launch into the actual geometric constructions.  The compass.  The compass is a certain type of divider where one leg of the divider is replaced with a drawing instrument, typically a pencil. Like with … Continue reading

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Dividers and a Straight Edge Are For

In an earlier post I discussed dividers and hinted at what they could be used for.  Let me expand on that thought and give you a list. swinging an arc transferering a distance That’s it. Also, in an earlier post, … Continue reading

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Dividers-a Step Off in the Right Direction

  Earlier I re-posted a blog entry by George Walker in which he expounded on the once highly important tool known as dividers.  This is a tool that was once so highly valued not a single artisan or scholar would be without … Continue reading

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