Dividers and a Straight Edge Are For

In an earlier post I discussed dividers and hinted at what they could be used for.  Let me expand on that thought and give you a list.

  1. swinging an arc
  2. transferering a distance

That’s it.

Also, in an earlier post, I touted the usefulness of a purpose built straight edge.  So here is a list of it’s capabilities when employed as a straight edge.

  1. scribing a straight line

That’s it.

So why all the fuss?  When you combine the capabilities of these two simple tools the possibilities are practically limitless.

In layout and design work they give you the capability to create any shape, curve or angle you desire.  As your understanding of their use grows, so do the possibilities.

As a practical tool for the craftsperson, dividers can be employed for a multitude of tasks. They can scribe an offset line. I know your marking gauge will do the same, but try using your gauge on a curve.  Dividers ride the curve with ease.  Dividers will help you find centers and divide a distance.  Dividers will give you the ability to lay out dovetails with ease, speed and consistency.  You will find that dividers will quickly become you constant companion at the workbench.

As this blog progresses I will attempt to show what I have learned so far and how you can employ these simple tools.  I’m still learning for myself so we will journey together.

Greg Merritt

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2 Responses to Dividers and a Straight Edge Are For

  1. David says:

    Hi Greg
    Enjoying following your blog , it is extremely professional and you would not believe that you only started it a couple of weeks ago.
    Woodworking Master Classes and your blog are my first point of call. Great set of varied project photos.
    I look forward to see how this all develops.

    • gman3555 says:

      Thanks so much David. I’m just feeling my way for now, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I hope that you continue to follow and that I can provide you with some entertainment at least. We’ll both find out how it develops together.

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