HB Tansu #3-Progress 17

hb_tansu-002My high hopes from yesterday for building the remaining three drawers, were quickly dashed this morning.  I could have sworn that I had enough 1/2″ stock remaining for the last of the drawers.  Alas, I was mistaken and a different form of swearing took place.  Instead of making a trip to town I chose to use the last of the available material to build one drawer and then began work on the drawer bottoms.  I also completed the sliding lid for the drawer/box.  I’ll slip off to Lowes tomorrow on my lunch hour and pick up some 1/2″ stock.

Drawer bottoms aren’t that exciting.  Size to fit and install.  I like to glue the bottom to the drawer front and in a couple of places along the sides.  I can get away with this since the plywood moves very little if any in response to humidity changes.  Bamboo pegs are installed at the rear and then a few glue block are added to the bottom to add rigidity and prevent any rattling.


The sliding lid for the drawer/box I made from 1/4″ stock.  I wanted to be sure that the lid would never interfere with the fit of the box into the tansu.  I planed a simple bevel on the lid until it slid freely into the grooves.  Then a little extra shaping of the ends.  The lid still needs a finger nick to make it easy to slide open.  I’ll also be adding some Hillbilly Inlay for decoration.  I’m thinking some sort of walnut theme is in order.



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3 Responses to HB Tansu #3-Progress 17

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  2. BrianJ says:

    That drawer is an Awesome idea man, great to see you creating…..( shoves another mittful of popcorn in…..)

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