Honey Do-Kitchen Island-Part 1

My wife has wanted a kitchen island for a lot of years.  A lot of years.  Its been my ongoing shame that I have yet been able to provide her with one.  The kitchen in our old house was just far too small for me to come up with a workable design.  The new house however, has plenty of room.  So the discussion of a kitchen island came back to the forefront of conversation.

I just finished building a new, larger workbench (I do have priorities) and it just so happens that I now have an extra workbench sitting around now.  I then began looking at how I might turn the old bench into kitchen island.  It also happens that I have a couple of doors and drawers left over after the dishwasher install.  After a few sketches and lots of measuring a plan was hatched.

So, with a slightly used, well-loved workbench, some left over doors and drawers, a few scraps of wood and a little hillbilly engineering the kitchen island project was underway.


I enlarged and squared the vise opening to accommodate one of the leftover drawers.  I also began enclosing the bottom cabinet area.


I cut down the rear apron so that it was flush with what was the tool well.  I also framed in the ends to receive the doors from the old cabinetry.  As well as adding a piece of trim at the bottom of the newly formed cabinetry.  Mostly just to cover up the ugly.




One last edition to finish out the build, a mixer lift.  This was close, the mixer fits with just a 1/4″ of clearance on each side.


The coming week will be filled with sanding, filling of nail holes and applying a finish.

Greg Merritt Part 2

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23 Responses to Honey Do-Kitchen Island-Part 1

  1. marc-andre says:

    Roubo meet Escoffier…great work around design ideas.

  2. Wesley Beal says:

    Now you’ve gone and done it. Wives are going to see this, and start thinking up their own plans for our workbenches.

  3. The only thing missing on it is a vice. lol only teasing. I’ve never seen a kitchen Island here, you guys in the states have large everything our houses and our pockets are shrinking daily.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      Leaving the vise on would have been pushing my luck. I can still clamp to the aprons though. LOL
      This house is larger than our last, but still not too big. The kitchen/dinning room is the largest room in this house which makes it seem huge.

      • Our dining room is fairly large but our kitchen is small, there would be no room for a kitchen island in my kitchen. Funny though when you think about it they make new houses small and streets tiny in a country considered to be the worlds largest island now headed in a direction of becoming a third world country.

  4. Emilio says:

    Great work, Greg! Love it.
    “What I have done is pave the way for every woodworker to get a workbench into the house!” Ha, ha, ha! You’re a genius, Greg!

  5. ant11sam says:

    This is a great “up cycle” project

    “…to get a workbench into the house!…”
    When your wife reads your blog… man you’re sailing in deep waters 🙂

    A side note – I understood the words, but I had to google “mixer lift” I just couldn’t figure it out what could possible be. At home me and the kids had a blast when we saw he pictures. I was far to imagine that such thing could exist.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      Thanks Antonio! She likes it too much to get mad at me at this point.
      The mixer lift is something that she has been wanting for a while too. Its a handy way to store her big mixer. Once I install this thing in the kitchen I’ll take a few more photos with the mixer in place.

  6. BrianJ says:

    Awesome re-purpose idea. Im sure finished product will be well used and well loved. Looking forward to finished colour.

  7. Kinderhook88 says:

    Wow, that looks great! The mixer lift is a nice feature. Is that hardware specifically for this purpose? I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

  8. Jonathan says:

    A Nicholson kitchen island… I love it. Nice work! Where do the holdfasts go?

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