HB Hobby Tansu #1-Part 11

Well…some progress is better than no progress.

The weather here continues to be brutal.  Hot and very humid.  I’m starting to adjust to it though and have been able to work in the shop after work a couple of evenings over the past week.  This allowed me to complete the construction of two drawers, glue them together and finally fit them.

Nothing new as far as the construction.  Pegged lapped dovetails at the front and a pegged finger joint at the rear.  The 6mm birch ply bottom is installed in grooves that run down the sides and across the front.  It is then pegged to the rear of the drawer.



I’m fitting these interior drawers a little looser that I normally would.  Not sloppy were they can skew and jam in the opening, just loose so that they operate very easily.  My thinking here is that these drawers will get a good bit of use.  Pulled open and then given a firm push to close them.  So I want them to slide easily.  The reveal looks a little wonky right now.  Gap at the top, no gap at the bottom.  When I add the edge bead I’ll bevel the bottom edge of the drawer front so that the gap is even all around.  This will also keep the drawer front from dragging across the divider when it’s open and closed.



I’d like to complete the remaining drawers over the course of the weekend.  That will set me up for easy work in the evenings next week.  Adding the corner beads and other decorative elements doesn’t take too much effort and should be something that can be done no matter how hot and sticky the weather.

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5 Responses to HB Hobby Tansu #1-Part 11

  1. BrianJ says:

    I see you have changed your handle design. Might take some getting used to, not being blue and all. At least you are getting some shop time! I have been struggling lately, but on another note he fishing has been excellent ……

  2. Our weather: 3 ½ inches of rain this week from a tropical storm in the gulf, building plywood desks for architects (painfully banal, but lucrative), and I found a packet of bamboo skewers at our local “used tool” garage. Our library regularly discards books that haven’t been checked our recently, thus I acquired Toshio Odate’s book, as well. I see one of those Japanese toolboxes in my future…
    The fact that you get anything done (and manage to post photos on *Wordpress*) is commendable.

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