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Equilateral Footstool-Part 2-Complete

Sunday afternoon I removed the clamps from the lamination and finished shaping the top.  Then I drilled and reamed the holes for installing the legs.

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Incense Burner Stand-Part 2-Complete

Not a whole lot to add to the story here.  I simply added a coat of Tried and True Original to the stand as per the instructions on the can.  That’s about all there is to it.  I’ll add a … Continue reading

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Japanese Art on a Hillbilly Budget-Part 2-Complete

So the idea is to hang a tenugui on the wall as an art display.  When I purchase a new one, I’ll switch them out and put the previous one into service.  I didn’t invent anything here, there are tenugui … Continue reading

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Staked Side Table-Part 9-Complete

Since Saturday I have applied three coats of the tinted BLO and one coat of Tried & True original.  For those not familiar with Tried & True, it is a mixture of polymerized linseed oil and beeswax.  It is non-toxic, … Continue reading

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Staked Stand-Part 2-Complete

It is almost physically impossible for me to resist adding some sort of embellishment to the pieces that I make.  Kolrosing, wood burning and then there is my fondness for adding texture.  This little stand is built specifically to hold … Continue reading

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Owl-Part 2-Complete

After a couple of coats of Tried and True Original oil finish, It was time to complete the assembly of the owl. The perch is just a stick split in half, the edges dressed and I applied a coat of … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 5

I didn’t manage as much shop time this weekend as I had hoped.  The original plan was to have this project completed by Sunday evening.  Alas, I came up a little short, but I’m close.

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Bookcase-Progress 10-Complete

After two coats of my “pine” enhancer concoction, two coats of T&T Original and a final coat of paste wax I’m calling the bookcase done.  All-in-all I’m pretty happy with the end result.  My finish experiment went really well and … Continue reading

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Bookcase-Progress 9

The inaugural first coat of Hillbilly Pine Enhancer is on and I think I may have a winner. OK, let me back up a little and tone down the BS. I use pine for a lot of my projects.  Damn … Continue reading

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