Hillbilly Mini Tansu-Progress 4

Wow…I like working in the house.  It’s warm, the bathroom is right down the hall, the kitchen is close and it’s WARM.  I may have to move the workbench into the living room for the rest of the winter.  I’m sure the wife will be OK with it…I’ll let you know.

So I spent the last few evenings having fun with knives and coffee.  I began installing some Hillbilly Inlay to the sides and top of the carcass of the Mini HB Tansu.  Using the pattern sheets I prepared before as inspiration, I began by penciling in a pattern.  I didn’t have an absolute plan, just let it develop on it’s own.  The one thing I was conscious of was the scale.  I wanted the patterns on the carcass to be on the larger side.  I know that the sliding door and drawer fronts will require small patterns and, since this entire piece is an experiment, I wanted to see the contrast between the large and small scale patterns.

Satisfied with what I had drawn I began to knife the lines.  It is easy to loose track of what you have and haven’t done.  The knife lines do not look much different than the pencil lines.  One way to help with this is to rub in just a little coffee powder as you go.  The coffee will darken the knife lines just enough to help you keep track of your progress.

Tonight after work I took the carcass out to the shop and rubbed coffee into all of the knife lines.  I made sure that I covered the pattern well.  This is a little messy but not all that bad.  With the coffee rubbed in I gave the whole carcass a light sanding.  This sanding will remove all of the raised areas brought up by the knife.  When done correctly, you should not be able to feel the knife lines.  All will be perfectly smooth.  A quick coat of BLO to set the coffee and I’m done with carcass for now.  There are still a couple of pencil lines that I’ll need to remove here and there though.

The pattern on the sides.

The pattern on the sides.


The pattern on the top.



Semi-glory shot.

Next up will be the sliding door and drawer construction.

Greg Merritt…Part 5


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3 Responses to Hillbilly Mini Tansu-Progress 4

  1. Dave G says:

    Looking good Greg
    What have you done to the end grain to give such a contrast , they really stand out look great

    • gman3555 says:

      Thanks David. What you see is the result of a wiping coat of BLO. I use the BLO to set the coffee powder and make the design permanent. A second advantage is that the BLO enhances the grain of the wood. The BLO can be used as a stand-alone finish or as a base coat for shellac and other finishes.


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