Something a Little Different

Coming soon…something a little different.  Stay tuned…


Greg Merritt


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9 Responses to Something a Little Different

  1. Schuyler says:

    Very exciting. I really enjoy sewing. Always keep the ditty bag close by. That’s a sweet needle case.

    • gman3555 says:

      The fact that you know what a ditty bag is and recognized the needle case (thank you by the way) warms my heart to no end.

      There just may be some flat seeming, hand sewn grommets and even a little wood to boot in the near future.


  2. snwoodwork says:

    That’s the most complicated & dangerous jump rope I’ve ever seen.

  3. My first thoughts on seeing this was it equipment from a medevial torture dungeon. It’ll be interesting to see how you use this to make something.

  4. Brianj says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by leather stitching.(Wanted to make my own axe sheath, etc…. )….. Oh I do hate surprises….. Show us… Show us!!!

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