Three Little Pencil Boxes Ready for a Bow

See, I told you the kolrosing would jump out when I applied the finish. Three coats of clear shellac, a good rub down with steel wool and a couple coats of paste wax puts these in the done column and ready for Christmas. To complete them as gifts I’ll put a carton of my favorite pencils in each of them along with a decent pencil sharpener.



I remember how much I stressed over the first one that I made while following the project on Woodworking Masterclasses. The instruction was superb, but the techniques where new to me. Dovetails, grooves, raised panel and a decorative bead.  There is a lot of woodworking crammed into this “simple” little box.  A fantastic practice piece for sure.

Now I build these to relax. Not that they just fall of the end of my saw fully assembled or anything. I still have to work for it. Nor are they anywhere near perfect. But still, building these is now like spending the afternoon with an old friend.  I just wish I could figure out how to get them to buy the Guinness. 😉

Greg Merritt


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5 Responses to Three Little Pencil Boxes Ready for a Bow

  1. snwoodwork says:

    Those turned out great. I especially like the bead.

  2. I searched for how you did the kolrosing but I came up dry. Seeing your pencil boxes has given me another itch to satisfy. Did I miss that post or are you going to do one on how to?

    • gman3555 says:

      Hi Ralph,
      I’ve not done a “how to” post on the kolrosing but I gave a quick overview on the process in the following post:

      There seems to be a bit of interest in it so I may write up a post and draw up a reference sheet for kolrosing. If you have questions before than just ask.


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