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Build Yourself a Sokozarai-Nomi (Bottom Cleaning) Chisel

My Hillbilly Tansu project requires the chopping of several narrow and deep mortises.  6mm(W)x18mm(L)x24mm(D) to be exact.  Clearing the waste from these mortises is difficult to say the least.  There is almost no room to lever out any of the waste … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Front Drawer/Door Bearer

Joint #2 in the Hillbilly Tansu Project is for the front drawer/door bearer.  This piece, for me, was the key to developing the rest of elements for the tansu construction.  Once I had this element designed all the rest sort … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Corner Joint

I touched on my affinity for the Japanese tansu in my last post.  I have wanted to build some version of a tansu for quite some time now.  You can explore several samples here.  There is surprisingly little information available … Continue reading

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