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Side Table-Progress 1

For the handful of you that read this drivel on a regular basis you are probably starting to think that I have developed age-onset ADHD or maybe worse.  First I droned on about nightstands, then a bookcase and now a … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 4

Today was basically a repeat of yesterday.  I chopped the mortises in the rear cross rails and then fit the corresponding post tenons. One additional operation today was to layout and chop the handle rail mortises.  Nothing special about that … Continue reading

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HB Tansu #3-Progress 3

I had an easy, slow paced day in the shop.  No rush.  Just enjoyed my time working wood and making.  My goal today was to chop the mortises in the front cross rails and to fit the corresponding post tenons. … Continue reading

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Build Yourself a Sokozarai-Nomi (Bottom Cleaning) Chisel

My Hillbilly Tansu project requires the chopping of several narrow and deep mortises.  6mm(W)x18mm(L)x24mm(D) to be exact.  Clearing the waste from these mortises is difficult to say the least.  There is almost no room to lever out any of the waste … Continue reading

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