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Staked Side Table-Part 1

Step two in my exploration of staked furniture.  Nothing too daring, just a slightly larger version of the staked stand with a drawer thrown in for good measure.  While the staked stand was built mostly ad hoc, I put a … Continue reading

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Side Table-Progress 1

For the handful of you that read this drivel on a regular basis you are probably starting to think that I have developed age-onset ADHD or maybe worse.  First I droned on about nightstands, then a bookcase and now a … Continue reading

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It’s the Last Things

It’s always the little things that make the difference.  One last pass with the plane can turn an OK surface into a pristine one.  One last thin shaving can make a tight tenon fit perfectly.  In this instance its one … Continue reading

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End Tables Part 13 – Done!

  Whew!  These tables are now moved into the done column.  This has been a long and drawn out build for me and taxed the confines of my small shop.  I actually had to move the bases into the house … Continue reading

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End Tables Part 12

Heat index of 89F and 68% humidity for the last two days.  So I put on my big boy pants, tied a bandana around my head and went to work in the shop.  In short, it sucked!  But I did … Continue reading

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End Tables Part 11

There is nothing like a hot, humid shop and scrub planing oak to remind you of how out of shape you really are.  I started surfacing the oak panels that I had glued up for the tops and shelves of … Continue reading

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End Tables Part 10

I managed to get two panels edged and glued together.  Which means I promptly ran out of clamps.  So while those are curing I’m on hold until tomorrow for the other two panels.  I’m not sure why, but I do … Continue reading

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