End Tables Part 8

Well I only had enough energy after work to rub out one table base and add a coat of paste wax to it.  If you haven’t used this method with shellac, words nor photos will do it justice.  You have to feel the difference.  Smoooth.

After close inspection and given the high temperature and humidity yesterday, I should have thinned the shellac a little more than I did.  You’ll see in the photo that the shellac was not leveling out before it setup.  Not a huge deal just more rubbing with the steel wool.

Rubbing out a shellac finish is a tactical and auditory operation.  You can feel and hear the steel wool as you rub it across the surface.  As you progress you can feel and hear the surface becoming smoother.  It’s something you have to experience to fully understand.

The first table base still needs at least one more coat of wax before it can be called done.  But I’ll hold off on that until right before I install the yet to be produced top and shelf.  Hopefully tomorrow will see the second table base rubbed out and a coat of wax applied to it.  We will see.

Part 7 Greg Merritt Part 9

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