End Tables Part 10

end_table_panels1I managed to get two panels edged and glued together.  Which means I promptly ran out of clamps.  So while those are curing I’m on hold until tomorrow for the other two panels.  I’m not sure why, but I do not enjoy gluing up panels.  There is nothing difficult about it, I just don’t enjoy it.

As I was gluing up the first panel I had my first Harbor Freight clamp failure.  No idea why it broke.  I had just started applying pressure and it just snapped.  broken_clamp1I’ll save it for parts and maybe make a run to Harbor Freight tomorrow for a replacement and possibly a couple additional.

It looks like yet another week will pass before I finally get to finish these tables.  It seems like this project is taking forever.

Greg Merritt

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One Response to End Tables Part 10

  1. That break you had with the clamp is what is holding me back from buying HF clamps.

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