End Tables Part 11

There is nothing like a hot, humid shop and scrub planing oak to remind you of how out of shape you really are.  I started surfacing the oak panels that I had glued up for the tops and shelves of the end tables.  I only managed to get two of the panels surfaced and flat before dehydration, heat stroke and severe chaffing set in.  So a new plan of action is in order.

I will spend about a half an hour a night after work each day this week working on these panels.  Maybe that will get them done and ready for fitting, finishing and installing.

So the saga of the never-ending end tables continues…..

Part 10 Greg Merritt Part 12

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4 Responses to End Tables Part 11

  1. Brian says:

    Oh man I’m coming back to humidity prone Great Lakes area…. Thanks for the reminder of how draining that can be…. Hahaha.

  2. I do my woodworking in the summer in gym shorts and T-shirts. And lots of headbands – cheap ones from Wally world.

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