Hillbilly Tansu Rear Bearer

Directly opposite of the front bearer in the Hillbilly Tansu is, you guessed it, the rear bearer.  This element of the assembly will tie the two rear posts together and provide attachment points for the side bearers and the dust panels/floor.  Nothing ground breaking in this joinery.  It’ just a slight variation of the front bearer joinery.

I’ve also worked out a way to quickly mark out the joinery for the front and rear bearers and will be posting on that soon.  The only other structural element to this assembly is the side bearers and those will be detailed in an upcoming post as well.

I’ve never really built a prototype before.  Usually I just jump into a project with both feet and hope for the best.  I have come to see the benefit of building test pieces to check joinery and discovering any elements that will not work or may be missing.  The bonus is that I’ll have a model to refer to when I tackle the actual building of this project.

Greg Merritt

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