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Chisel Setup

My Japanese chisels are middle of the road, decent user-grade chisels.  As such, they are factory produced and marketed for the western buyer.  They are a laminated construction and the steel is good, but the fit and finish is a … Continue reading

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The best way I know to learn a new skill is through repetition, lots of repetition.  My ultimate goal is to transition over to using the Japanese plane (kanna) exclusively in my woodworking.  However there are several challenges that must … Continue reading

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The Great Kanna Experiment-Part 2

After my Cheerios and coffee this morning I headed out to the shop to try my hand at making dai #2.  This dai will have the blade bedded at 45deg.  My goal is to find the best blade angle for … Continue reading

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The Great Kanna Experiment-Part 1

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I have struggled with the Japanese common plane.  Getting it to cut is easy.  Getting it to cut consistently and predictably, that’s a whole other thing all together.  The learning curve is steep and … Continue reading

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Chisel Tray-Part 1

Well, it’s not quite as hot, but the humidity is still hanging on.  An hour at a stretch is about all I can take.  I know what the next project will be, but I’m struggling with the design.  So I’ve … Continue reading

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Plane Perseverance-Part 1

My affinity for Japanese tools and methods began several years ago when I first read Scott Landis’ “The Workbench Book” that  I had checked out of the local library.  For you younger readers, the library is how us old folks … Continue reading

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