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Concluding the Kanna Journey-Actually Just the Beginning

OK…I’m sure that you all are getting tired of my posting about kanna.  I have to admit that it does seem like my life has been all kanna, all the time for the last several weeks.  Even management has been … Continue reading

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Hira Kanna Remake-Part 2

In Part 1 I recounted my trying weekend in the shop while remaking the dai block to turn this blade into a functioning kanna.  So now that I solved  the mystery of the skewed blade and fixed the chip in … Continue reading

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Hira Kanna Remake-Part 1

Having botched the fitting of the blade to the dai on my first attempt at making a kanna with this new-used blade, I went into this weekend eager to start dai #2.  What I got ended up being one of my most … Continue reading

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Chisel Setup

My Japanese chisels are middle of the road, decent user-grade chisels.  As such, they are factory produced and marketed for the western buyer.  They are a laminated construction and the steel is good, but the fit and finish is a … Continue reading

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The Great Kanna Experiment-Part 1

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I have struggled with the Japanese common plane.  Getting it to cut is easy.  Getting it to cut consistently and predictably, that’s a whole other thing all together.  The learning curve is steep and … Continue reading

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