HB Tansu#2-Progress 7

It’s been a rough week all around.  The server at work crashed while trying to install an upgrade to the accounting software.  Since I double as the IT department, the problem fell to me.  Unfortunately it was beyond my capabilities.  So I called in reinforcements.  Luckily my brother is very skilled in this type of work and, although he was unable to repair the server, he was able to do a fresh install and together we were able to get the office back up and running in just over 24hrs.  That’s a clean install on the server, all of the desktops setup to talk to the new server and we even managed to get the accounting software upgraded.  To top that off, the company I work for went from being individually owned and operated to being family operated.  I’ve been down this road before and it’s never been good.  I’ll have to let it play out but I think it’s time to move on.

hbt2-16Even with all the work related issues I was able to tie the handles for the HB Tansu plus a couple of knobs.  If you remember, I need to install the handles before I glue up the carcass due to an accessibility issue.  I managed to do the final cleanup of the handle rails and install the handles.  The securing knots are neatly tucked away in the counterbore.  From there I was stuck waiting on Woodcraft to call and tell me my plywood order was ready for pickup.  Which they said would be this past Friday.hbt2-17

Friday came and by 4pm still no phone call from Woodcraft telling me that me order was ready.  So I called them.  They informed me that the truck had not arrived yet and they had no idea where it was.  If it showed up, my order may be ready by Saturday.  They finally called about 11am this morning and said that my order was ready and I could pick it up at my convenience.  Nine days after placing my order I finally had the birch ply that I needed to continue building Hillbilly Tansu #2.

hbt2-14After a quick trip across town, I was back in my shop and ready to start cutting the panels. There is nothing special about fitting the panels.  Just measure the opening and cut the panel slightly smaller than that.  There are a couple of things to be aware of though.  First is that all of the panels edges should be dressed and lightly beveled.  This isn’t absolutely necessary but makes assembly go much easier since there aren’t any hard edges to hang up on anything.  The other thing I try to watch out for is that I keep the side panels cut from the same section of ply and that the grain is kept in alignment.  It’s easy to get one of the pieces flipped so each piece is carefully marked.  With the panels all cut, fitted and dressed, it was time for one final dry fit.  This is my last chance to find any areas that need any last minute touches before the final glue-up.  I found and marked a couple front to rear bearers that need some attention so that they are flush with the front and rear bearers.  That is where I stopped for today.  In the morning I’ll do the last touch ups and then it’s time for the marathon glue-up session.

Greg Merritt

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4 Responses to HB Tansu#2-Progress 7

  1. I now know that you are way too patient. I like to support local but you were jerked around on the plywood.
    And I feel your pain of working for a family. I did it twice and I’ll never do it again.

    • gman3555 says:

      I had no choice on the plywood and Woodcraft. There are no other local suppliers so I was stuck. If they had not fulfilled my order this weekend I would have cancelled and order online.
      My job is a disappointment. When I took the position 8yrs ago, I was assured that it would never become a family run business. Out of the 7 people who work in the office, 4 are now family members. That leaves 3 of us in an awkward position to say the least.


  2. Jason says:

    Looking great Greg. I really like the handles. I feel your job pain, but fortunately I’m starting a new one in two weeks.


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