New Shop Space

Just a quick one.

Here is a shot of what will eventually be the new shop space.  Once all of the moving boxes have been emptied, sorted and their contents put  away.  Really just a back corner of a 2-stall garage, but waaaay more space than I had before.  It needs more lighting and the only restriction is that I have to leave enough room for the wife to get her car in and out.  Lots of possibilities working inside those parameters.  I’m actually getting excited to get the new shop up and running.  It’s been way too long since I was able to do any woodworking.

new_shop - 1

Greg Merritt

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7 Responses to New Shop Space

  1. Paul says:

    Looking good Greg. Excited for you.

  2. momist says:

    From experience – you need to divide off the workshop area from her car or you’ll encroach on each other, and the car will get dusty.

  3. Derek Long says:

    That’s a much bigger space for you, Greg, and some nice windows for natural light. Wish you the best in getting set up and going again.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      Thanks Derek. The windows are a big bonus for sure. The extra space opens up a lot of project possibilities that were just too large before. There’s still a good bit of unpacking to do before I can focus on the shop. Hopefully in a month or so I’ll be back to woodworking.

  4. Matt Robinette says:

    Congrats I started out years ago when Norm was the man and Schwarz was was still in school so stay the course who will end up being your Muse will be known in the future enjoy your time in the shop.

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