HB Tansu #2-Progress 4


Rear Assembly. If you need to practice your plow skills, I can highly recommend this project.

An hour or so in the shop every evening this week had me ready for glue-up of the rear frame assembly.  I wish there was something of great interest about the work so far but I’ve got nothing.  The only thing of note is the several stopped grooves that have to be cut.  Two thirds of the 6mm wide grooves are done by hand with a chisel.  This was a wee bit tougher in the cherry than in the pine from last time.  I actually brought up a blister in the palm of my hand doing all these grooves.  It came damn close to feeling like work.  After the grooves I sized and sanded the panel.  Then cut several wedges in preparation for tonights glue-up.

So after work tonight I headed for the shop.  Loaded up Jerry Jeff Walker on my phone and set it shuffle.  I actually enjoyed this glue-up.  The hide glue performed as intended and gave me plenty of time to assemble all the parts.  I don’t use a mallet when assembling these frames except a few taps to verify the joints are seated.  Instead I use my clamps to slowly and steadily draw the joints together.  I find this method much easier.  Without all the banging, I can listen to the wood.  If there are any warning noises I hear them right away.  With the clamps in place, I drove all the wedges home.  Once the wedges are installed the assembly is effectively locked in place and I can remove the clamps.  Then I checked the assembly for square and verified that all of the bearers were square and seated.  All was as it should be.

So onward and upward.

Greg Merritt

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4 Responses to HB Tansu #2-Progress 4

  1. Stress free glue ups are always nice to have.

  2. Emilio says:

    What an impressive work, Greg! Very inspiring!

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