Side Table-Progress 2

Progress today on the little side table project.  So far the new shop space is working out great and I’m really liking the extra space to move around in.  Plus, working in an attached garage feels almost like working in the house.  Walk out one door and I’m in the shop.

Once I freed my clamps from the base assembly I tackled the panel glue-up for the top to this table.  I literally had just these two pieces of oak, so my options for grain matching were pretty limited and I did the best with what I had to work with.  This top will receive a very dark, almost black, stain and the grain should blend fairly well when all is said and done.


I used the small off-cuts that were generated from the panel oak and made the required turn buttons for eventually mounting the top to the base.


Finally I applied two coats of barn red milk paint to the base.  Once the milk paint is completely dry, I like to wait at least 24hrs, I’ll rub it out with steel wool and apply three coats of clear shellac.  Then I’ll rub that out with steel wool and finish it off with a dark paste wax.


Tomorrow, after work, I’ll flatten, square and dress the top panel.  Heck, I may even have time to add the stain.  We’ll see.

Part 1 Greg Merritt

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