Clamp-On Pincushion-Scissors Holder

This is just a quick show-and-tell on a little clamp-on pincushion and scissors holder that I made as a Christmas gift.  The body is mahogany from the Magic Attic stash and the threaded shaft is maple.  The pincushion is from felt and hand-sewn by yours truly.


Greg Merritt

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7 Responses to Clamp-On Pincushion-Scissors Holder

  1. Salko Safic says:

    That’s very clever Greg. Now that’s what I call Arts and Crafts.

  2. Stan says:

    My wife is a professional quilt maker, so I her if she would want one. She looked at me like I had a frog hanging out of my mouth and said “do you WANT me to cut my wrists?!” She might be right about the risk of accidental cuts and jabs in the “fog of sewing.”

  3. Bob Easton says:

    Most people would be very happy to have such an attractive device!

  4. Jeff Branch says:

    Pretty cool and creative use of woodworking. 🙂

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