HB Tansu Progress-4

My order of birch plywood arrived from Woodcraft this week.  Between work and school functions for my my son, I managed to get a few hours in the shop over the last few days.  I cut and fitted the outside panels.  All that is left is to cut and fit are the dust panels.  There will be quite a bit of final cleanup and then it will be time for the marathon glue-up session.  I’m breaking out in a cold sweat and developing a tremor in my left leg just thinking about it.  Hopefully the liquid hide glue gives me the time I’ll need.  So I did another dry fit to check the fit of my panels and to practice the sequence of assembly.  I’m actually quite sure that I could skip the glue and just install the wedges.  The assembly is really stout and all of the joints seat fully.  So the glue will just be insurance.  Unless it sets up early, than it will be my downfall.

Yet another dry fit. I don’t want any surprises once the glue is spread.

jpp-fence1jpp-fence2jp-topI had a request for a little more information on my Japanese plow plane.  Specifically pertaining to the fence.  To adjust the fence you first loosen the wing nuts and then spin the large brass wheels to establish the desired distance.  You then press the fence against the brass wheels, check and refine as needed.  Very fine adjustment is possible with the brass wheels.  Once you are satisfied, lock the fence down with the wing nuts.  I have never had the fence move once I lock it down.  I hope that’s clear on how the fence is adjusted.

Greg Merritt


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2 Responses to HB Tansu Progress-4

  1. joemcglynn says:

    Greg, your Tansu looks spectacular. You’ve really pulled this together quickly, especially considering the complexity of joinery involved. Good luck with the glue up, I find that “breaking out in a cold sweat” helps, but the dry fit you’ve done will almost certainly be the saving grace 🙂

    Shoot, now I want to build one of these too…

    • gman3555 says:

      Wow, thank you so much Joe! I just came in from the shop and the glue-up went smoothly. I’m getting ready to write a new post on it in a few minutes.

      If you decide to make one for yourself, remember what I have said before. I will not be held liable or assume any responsibility for time or money wasted in following me down my multiple rabbit holes. 😉


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