HB Tansu Progress-9

All the drawers are fitted, the bead detail is applied, have an initial coat of finish and the knotted pulls are installed.  Not much to report as to the process.  Just more of the same that was involved in drawer no.1.  One thing that I did do was to apply bee’s wax and burnished it in on all of the runners and drawer sides with the polissoir.  The drawers are running nice and smooth.  They have that satisfying puff of air escaping when they are shut.

Now I have to tackle the sliding doors.  These are really just a simple frame and panel assembly.  Nothing too complicated.  One little hiccup will be cutting the tongue on the top and bottom of the door.  This tongue is what will ride in the grooves that are in the bearers.  A skewed rabbet plane with a cross grain knicker would make short work of these tongues.  Since I don’t have any such animal, the process may be a little more involved.  Shouldn’t be too difficult though….

Famous last words.

Greg Merritt

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7 Responses to HB Tansu Progress-9

  1. davidos says:

    its coming along nicely ,very nice

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hey Greg,

    It’s looking good. You sure are moving along at a quick pace!


  3. BrianJ says:

    Hey Greg I’m sure the is a ‘poor mans’ solution waiting to be born somewhere with a knife, chisel and holder of some sorts….

    • gman3555 says:

      I’ve heard rumors….but I need it quick.

      • BrianJ says:

        Cross grain always states with a knife wall, I’ve dug out a small rabbet with saw and chisel, suppose you could finish down to a specific depth with a router plane, if you don’t mind me tossing ideas. Hopefully you get it figured out.

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