Stitch in Time Box-Progress 1

Back when I was 8 or 9, seems like eons ago, there came a summer when it was decided that I would be placed in day camp.  Essentially, this was a glorified babysitting service for those of us with working parents and who were still too young to be left at home alone.  Dropped off in the morning and picked up in late afternoon.  I have three memories from that summer that still survive to this day.  One is of the huge osage orange tree that was the morning meeting area and where we ate our lunch.  The second is the distinct sweet and salty flavor that can only be had from eating a salty potato chip after a bite of peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The third, and most important, is of craft time on rainy days.  Specifically the leather crafts we were given to work on.  Most of you know the ones.  The thin prepunched leather and vinyl lacing projects.  Comb holder and pitiful wallet being the most popular.  I remember enjoying them immensely.

That memory and the search for my “style” collided and an idea for a box was born.  Like all new borns, it was week and pitiful.  It needed some fetchin’ up, as we saw in my neck of the woods.  Several sketches and internet searches later and I think I have it standing upright on it’s hind legs.


That’s all you get for this first round.  My nostalgic tale and a single progress photo.  I’ll leave it at that for now and let you cipher on what level of insanity I have reached.  OK, one additional hint.

Norwegian Tine.

Greg Merritt Part 2

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10 Responses to Stitch in Time Box-Progress 1

  1. You have my attention, sir.

  2. ctregan says:

    Boondoggle box?

  3. BrianJ says:

    Two thoughts: I hate surprises….. Hey is that cherry??? Lol

  4. Dave G says:

    Another of your projects I will follow with interest, I guess it will not be held together with joints, glue, screws or nails. The countersunk holes all look very neat what did you use to drill and countersink them with?

    • gman3555 says:

      Thanks Dave.

      The holes were set out with a marking gauge and a pair of dividers. Then I used my eggbeater drill and proceeded to gain a lot of experience in hand drilling and countersinking. Not the quickest method but I got the job done.


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