Dinning ala Nicholson

If you have been following along, you know that I have recently moved to a new-to-me home.  This one is a little large than our last and its nice to have the extra room.  Apparently there is a downside though.  I was informed by management that we will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner and that we would be needing a table that will seat at least twelve maybe more.  For those of you outside the U.S., the Thanksgiving holiday is this coming Thursday.  Not a lot of time for much of anything, let alone a huge dinning table.

Don’t judge me by what I’m about to show you.  If you have a weak stomach you may want to hit the back button right now.  Remember, I have no time and I am in a hurry. 🙂

Since I just finished my new “Naked Woodworker” bench that is built in the style of Nicolson, I put the experience to work for this quick and dirty table.  The leg assemblies are made from 2x4s.  Each leg received a 1/2″ rebate at the top on which to rest the 2×4 rails/aprons which are gusseted on either side.  I thru in some cross bearers, knocked off all of the sharp bits and screwed down some plywood for the top.  Plenty solid.

I’ll break it down somewhat so that I can move it into the house.  Then we’ll throw two or three table cloths over it and we are in business.  Not horrible for a couple of hours work that yielded a 4’x12′ table.  Again, don’t judge me….





Greg Merritt

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21 Responses to Dinning ala Nicholson

  1. Wesley Beal says:

    Hey, looks better than the solution I would of come up with. Rebates? Nah, just extra nails.

    I look forward to a video of food-holding without a vise.

  2. Deniseg says:

    After table is set and the food arrives, no one will be looking at table legs or joinery. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Derek Long says:

    Hey, looks better built than some stuff I’ve seen at the furniture store with vaneered particle board table tops. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving, Greg.

  4. ant11sam says:

    “….I was informed by management…”
    LOLOLOL 🙂 It seems your “manager” is a friend of my wife or at least they went to the same school lololol
    “Necessity is the mother of invention”

  5. bgraparBlaz says:

    Nice assembly table for the workshop 🙂

  6. momist says:

    Just a prototype, to see how the size works out? I look forward to the series on the final design . . .

  7. Jeff Branch says:

    That is great. What kind of finish are you going to put on it? Kidding, a table cloth would be perfect.

  8. Kinderhook88 says:

    An excellent example of applied knowledge. Good job, Greg. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Polly Becton says:

    Now that you’ve racked Nicholson to an extreme, I hope he doesn’t wrack your holiday in retribution!
    (Please forgive the pun. It was irresistable, I’m aftraid.)
    I certainly wish for you to have a good Thanksgiving. Nice work.

  10. billlattpa says:

    You’re a braver man than I. My wife, Queen Victoria, would want a museum quality piece professionally finished. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with down and dirty. Nothing at all.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      LOL…We started with nothing, literally, twenty years ago. We managed to buy a very small house that only had an eat-in kitchen. Four people in there was a big push. Over the years we both mananged to obtain college degrees and began doing a little better finacially. Her dream has always been to host a big family dinner and finally we able to pull that off. She would have been OK if I stacked up milk crates and slapped on a piece of plywood. Next year will be a different story I’m afraid. 😉 I’ll have to step up my game.

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