Coat Hooks and Art?

I consider art to be something that is created explicitly to satisfy an aesthetic or to fulfill a deep-seated vision of the artist.  It takes a certain quality of vision to create true art.  As such, I don’t consider myself an artist.  Sure, I skirt around the edges, but I simply do not have that certain vision needed to create actual art.  I do have some artistic ability, but tend to only be able to employ it to enhance (subjective) my practical applications.  Technical drawings and furniture projects top the list.

Since I’m frugal by both nature and upbringing, our home lacks “art”.  Necessity and function being the typical focus.  In our old, small, very small house, this fact didn’t really stand out.  The limited wall space was mostly taken up with family photos and there was really no room for freestanding items.  The lack of art has become quite apparent in the new house however.  Bare walls and empty surfaces have set me to looking for elements of art to bring into our home.

Our “new to us” house was built in 1968 and we are only the second owners.  The house was obviously well loved by the original owners and well maintained.  As a consequence, it also retains most if its original features.  Depending on your point of view, this could be a good or bad thing.  The dated features are one of the reasons we obtained a good deal on the house and also one of the things that made us fall in love with it.  Being frugal by nature and upbringing we decided from the start to just go with the retro look.  We (I) painted, new carpet was installed and new appliances were purchased.  We are particularly found of the new appliances.  They are not fancy, but have a retro look to them.

There was an early project to cover up some dark, unattractive paneling.

bamboo_wall - 1

bamboo_wall - 2

Most recently, a dishwasher and a kitchen island were installed.



OK…what was my original point?  Oh, yea, coat hooks and art.  You have to live in a house for while to determine how it flows and discover what is working and what is not.  But to truly discover the deficiencies you need to have visitors.  One glaring deficiency that has has cropped up is the lack of a place for visitors to hang their coats when they come in the front door.  Sure, there is a closet, but for people popping in, the closet thing is a bit of a hassle.  So I decided coat hooks were in order.  Since artistic touches were at he forefront of my thoughts, I decided I would take a stab at creating an “art” piece to set them off and make a statement with a nod to mid-century modern.  Plus, I still had some paint left over.


Still not sure if it qualifies as art, but it’s a start and I like it.  More importantly, management likes it too.

Greg Merritt


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20 Responses to Coat Hooks and Art?

  1. Ed Huml says:

    You did a wonderful job on the coat hook painting. Congrats!

  2. ant11sam says:

    “….More importantly, management likes it too….”
    Why I’m I not surprised…??? LOL

    I’ve been wondering about the same for coat hangers and “something” proper to put the keys near the door! Since we moved here (almost 2 years)… So my “manager” is not so happy about my delay…

    I suspect if our wife’s meet someday they will get along just fine and be Best Friends Forever 😛


  3. Stefan says:

    Hi Greg,
    cool. That is a mid-century statement and I like that.

  4. The kitchen Island has turned out really well and I also like what you did with the coat hangers and especially the arrow pointing the exit.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      Thanks Salko. I wondered if anyone would pick up on the arrow reference. My thinking was an abstract version of an exit sign. Of couse if I have to explain it, then I failed in my graphic design. 😉

  5. potomacker says:

    Is that original flooring in the kitchen?

  6. Kinderhook88 says:

    I think it’s really cool. I’m not very artistic like that, and I appreciate those that are. Nice job.

  7. It’s art, and I like it too.

  8. juryaan says:

    with management you mean SWMBO

  9. That’s art, plain and simple, I like it, not my color but its your place and you like it and more importance management approval seals the deal. What gave you the ideal for the project. Thanks

  10. Jonathan says:

    Greg, it would have been pretty funny if the coat hooks were just images painted on the wall. Completely pointless, sure… but funny none the less.

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