Table Trestles-Part 9-Complete

Finally!  After days of applying finish and buffing, these two staked dining tables are finally complete!  This project started as a simple idea from the “The Anarchist’s Design Book” for two easily moved “knock-down” tables.  That simple idea became a wealth of experience and learning.  I truly learned a lot while building these trestles and the accompanying tops.

I fashioned a new gauge for laying out tapered, octagonal legs.

A good bit of experience was gained at the shaving horse making the twelve (plus two spare) legs.

I also gained some experience effecting repairs when things didn’t go as planned.


I even “aged” some hardware for the first time.

My finishing techniques also received a workout.

Stamping texture and wood burning.


Surfacing with the uzukuri.

Finally applying the linseed and oil top coat (look for an upcoming post on that).

Anyway, on with the dog & pony.

The spare table will live most of its life as a work/craft table.  To enhance that function I drilled a hole and added a Lee Valley lamp bushing at one corner to hold an articulating lamp.  I still need to get a desk blotter to round out the look and utility.

Here is a look at the fender washer and wing nut arrangement that secures the tops to the trestles.

The other table will live its life as our main dinning table.

When a large gathering calls for it, the spare will be brought in to give us a little over thirteen feet of dinning surface.  I think we can get fourteen people seated in this configuration.

We can also arrange the long edges of table together and easily seat ten people.

Notice anything missing from the above photos?  Yep…seating.  So my focus will be shifting from tables to seating.  I’m thinking a combination of benches, stools and chairs is the way to go.  Before diving into the seating though, I’ll have a short detour in lathe making.

Until then, these old folding chairs will get us by.

I doubt that  anyone who knows me well would use the adjective “sentimental’ to describe me, but I have to admit that I got a little misty thinking about all of the family gatherings and holidays that will be spent around these tables in the years to come.

Thanks for taking the time to look.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Even better if I somehow inspired you.

Greg Merritt

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18 Responses to Table Trestles-Part 9-Complete

  1. bpholcombe says:

    Beautifully done Greg! Simple and elegant.

  2. Jeff Branch says:

    That is really nice work Greg. Congratulations!

  3. Salko Safic says:

    wow those tables have turned out really nice. Well done Greg.

  4. Coisas EM'adeira says:

    Its me who is thankful for your sharing and in some way your teachings and this sort of “guided tour” on staked furniture!
    Although, as always, you make my life miserable facing my manager after your instagram posts 😀 😀 😛 😛
    I’ve a feeling I’ll regret this but here it goes! – Looking forward for the chair’s design and the ‘hilbilly’ twist!

  5. Bob Easton says:

    Beautiful results Gregg. Your family will have decades of enjoyment from these tables.

    As for a lathe … check your email.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      Thank you Bob. I’m looking forward to the first big family meal around these tables…everyone may need to bring their own chair though.

      Thanks for the email too!

  6. Derek Long says:

    Looks great, Greg. They turned out really well.

  7. Way to go, Greg. That’s a lot of hard work sitting there in your dining room. They’ll serve you well.

  8. BrianJ says:

    Great stuff as per your usual Greg.!!!!! again im really impressed with your forward motion on projects. I seem to have a lot of pull in different directions lately, and i admire your discipline to dedicating time. Well done sir! Management must be happy.

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