Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 6-Complete

Winter showed up over the last couple of days and the temperatures plummeted into the teens.  Even so, I couldn’t resist getting out into the shop and assembling my screen.

Assembly was quite easy and quick.  I first installed the cross rails into the uprights along with the center panel.  Then the uprights were secured by driving the tapered pins into place through the feet. This is a draw pin setup.  Same as draw bore, except with a square pin, and I used a 3mm(~1/8″) offset do to the high compression rate of the fir that I’m working with.


Finally the top rail was set into place and secured with wedges.  The only fussy part was guiding all of the bamboo skewers into place as the assembly pulled up tight.

All that remained was to cut the pins and wedges flush, dress them up a bit and wipe them down with a little Tried & True.



I had hinted at one last decorative element in a previous post.  Knot tying is another of my interests and I try to work a knot or two into all of my projects.  Usually in the form of drawer pulls.  Alas, no drawers on this project, but I still managed to utilize a little knot tying regardless.  Drawing inspiration from Japanese bamboo fence construction, I added a few bamboo skewers oriented horizontally across the vertical skewers.  I secured them in place with knots of course.



I had originally planned to add a minimal texture with the uzukuri, but I started having a lot fun with it and went very bold instead.  All-in-all I’m very pleased with how this project turned out.  Not too bad for construction grade lumber and bamboo skewers from the grocery store. IMHO

Fair warning, I need to work on my photography setup in the new shop.  Plus, it was well below freezing when I took these.






Part 5 Greg Merritt

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21 Responses to Hillbilly Tsuitate Screen-Part 6-Complete

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  2. Wesley Beal says:

    Hey, those horizontal pieces and the knots really pop. Nicely done!

  3. Matt McGrane says:

    Wow, really interesting texturing. I must have missed what an uzukuri is. Nice effect. And great build.

    • Greg Merritt says:

      Thanks Matt.
      If you go back one post for a link to several other posts on it or do a search on my blog. Essentially different grades of “brushes” for abrading away the softer wood. Like I said above, I went very bold with it on this project, but it can also be done with a subtle effect.

  4. Krzysztof Kościuszkiewicz says:

    Very good find on the panel board and great overall effect. Bamboo pins is a nice finishing touch. I have to admit though that I liked the original design of the feet (as on the drawing) much better. The sloped ending on the ones you have now don’t seem to resonate with the rest of the piece, at least for me.

    Have fun and keep building!

    • Greg Merritt says:

      I went back and forth on the foot detail. I’m happy with my choice though. I admit that I’m still a little curious as to how it would look with the original design in my drawing. I might have to build another one. 🙂

  5. Sylvain says:

    Very good idea, those horizontal skewers.

  6. Deniseg says:

    Beautiful design and build.

  7. Kinderhook88 says:

    This is seriously cool, Greg. Well done.

  8. Randy Allen says:

    That’s very impressive work Greg , both from a design and construction standpoint.

  9. Quercus Robur says:

    Fantastic. And if I didn’t comment yet – you have a fantastic blog! It’s always great to to hear you sharing the creative process from plan to execution. Oh, and I love the humble pine.

  10. Brian Eve says:

    Nice work, Greg. The bold texturing really works with this piece. I bet it feels amazing.

  11. Schuyler says:

    Looks great Greg! Thanks for sharing, I have really been enjoying following along on these projects.

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