Kanna in Action

In my last post on my about my dai making experiment I talked about how the shavings leaped from the plane.  I tried to explain that to a non-woodworker at my day job and they just couldn’t picture it.  So I shot a short video that shows my plane in action.  I’m horrible at video, but here you go…

Greg Merritt

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12 Responses to Kanna in Action

  1. bpholcombe says:

    Gorgeous! Up and over the blade as they should, nice work!

  2. Coisas EM'adeira says:

    Very nice sound!!!
    Now you only need to buy blades for your planes! 🙂
    And how about reverse grain and knots? How does it work?

    • Greg Merritt says:

      Exactly! I’ve already ordered a blade off of eBay from Japan.

      It does really well in the pieces that I have tested. My most demanding test is to plane against the grain. In most of the tests the only difference was a slight reduction in smoothness of the resulting surface, but no tearout.

  3. Randy Allen says:


  4. Matt McGrane says:

    Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Dig it!

  5. potomacker says:

    Do you find it a challenge to keep even pressure during the the length of the pull stroke?

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