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Practice with the Uzukuri-Part 2

In Part 1 of this this series David asked a question: “Knowing what you know now does the purchase of the three Uzukuri look like a good investment or do you think you could have made home made ones?” When … Continue reading

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Practice with the Uzukuri-Part 1

I’m taking the opportunity to practice using the uzukuri while building my Japanese style toolbox.  Well “practice” may be a little misleading.  I don’t really have a clue how these tools are supposed to be used beyond “rub them on … Continue reading

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At the Altars of Flat, Smooth and Texture

I’ve been working wood off and on for well over two decades now.  Since day one I’ve worshiped at the altars of flat and smooth.  Everything I read and saw told me that finished surfaces should be just that, flat … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Mini Tansu-Progress 9-Complete

I woke up Saturday morning and changed my mind.  I was originally going to finish this project with Tried and True oil.  But I decided to go with clear shellac.  The entire mini tansu already had two coats of BLO … Continue reading

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Boxes and Tray in the Done Pile

Two more coats of clear shellac, buffed with steel wool and a coat of paste wax finishes out these few simple projects.  I think that I derive as mush satisfaction from making these simple, utilitarian projects as I do from … Continue reading

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HB Tansu Progress-6

The HB Tansu carcass is complete and finished.  Today I fitted and installed the drawer guides.  A simple matter of cutting and planing to fit then just glue them into place.  I then cut off the protruding tenon stubs left … Continue reading

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It’s the Last Things

It’s always the little things that make the difference.  One last pass with the plane can turn an OK surface into a pristine one.  One last thin shaving can make a tight tenon fit perfectly.  In this instance its one … Continue reading

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