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Hot Hide Glue-New Setup

A few months ago I purchased the Lee Valley small hot hide glue pot.  I really like it.  Yes its small, holds about an ounce of glue, but that is more than enough for most projects.  The thing is extremely … Continue reading

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Chisel Tray-Part 2 

Dang, it has been hot!  I about half expect to see an elephant or Masai tribesman stroll past the shop window at any moment.  At some point it will be over and I’ll be complaining about the cold.  Of that … Continue reading

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Incense Burner Stand-Part 1

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing.  Pleasant smells have the power to alter our mood.  Some smells bring back memories.  I’ve even read that the smell of fresh baked cookies can help to sell a house.  Unpleasant odors … Continue reading

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